Ground Rules

  1. The mentor assigns each student to a team. Note: Check Groups in the navigation frame on the left to locate the team to which you've been assigned. Team assignments may change over the course of the semester.

  2. Each team is responsible for answering ALL assigned simulation problems.

  3. Together, as a team, decide who will post answers to which problems. In other words, distribute the problems among yourselves as equally and fairly as possible. Note: You are nonetheless expected to work through all the problems on your own so that you can assist others on the team and comment on their solutions.

  4. Post your solutions to the group discussion board in Groups. Consult the course Calendar for the due date. Note: In a group activity, being punctual is crucial to the team's success. In posting your solutions, you must show all relevant calculations and attach the Multisim files you save as part of the exercise.

  5. Review and comment on one another's solutions, ask questions of each other, and provide assistance as needed. Remember: This is a collaborative activity. Your grade depends on both your interactive participation and your team's success in answering ALL problems correctly.

  6. As a team, finalize your answers and choose one member of the group to collect and submit solutions to ALL of the assigned simulation problems on behalf of the entire team. Note: Choose your team "reporter" on a rotating basis so that everyone in the group has a chance to submit the team's solutions.

  7. The team reporter submits the team report to the appropriate forum on the class Discussion Board. The report should include all relevant calculations—clearly labeled by problem number and assembled in a single document or discussion message —and be accompanied by the Multisim simulation files verifying the results of the simulations. These can be submitted as attachments to the discussion thread. Consult the course Calendar for the due date.

  8. Your group activity grade will be based on both your participation in the team discussion (posting solutions, commenting on the work of others, participating as a team member—50 percent) and the correctness and thoroughness of the final team report (50 percent). Only active team members will receive points for the work product of their team.