Rubric for Major Paper, Module 4



A-level qualities


B-level qualities


C-level qualities

1 or 0

D- or F-level qualities
(60–69 or below 60)


Design of school initiative
Program is written clearly; includes goals, objectives, activities, materials, expected outcomes, data sources, and criteria. A competent administrator would understand the design of this program, but it is missing 1–2 essential pieces. Some elements not explained clearly, more of simply cited articles. Brushes over design of the program; this is a summary.  
Program assessment
Clear assessment plan including strategies, timeline, and person responsible for assessment. Assessment plan includes strategies and timeline. Assessment plan includes one of: strategies, timeline, person responsible, but not all three components. No plan in place for assessment of the program.  
PowerPoint Presentation
Presentation is well-designed, easy to follow, free of distractors. Presentation contains some slides that are very wordy and would be difficult to follow. Presentation contains several distractors that make it difficult to follow. Presentation is full of distractors such as swooping and zooming; slides are too wordy.  
Presentation narrative
Demonstrates understanding of the material; presented in a conversational style for the intended parent audience. Demonstrates understanding of the material. Contains educational jargon that may be confusing or difficult to understand for the intended parent audience. Reads/sounds as though the narrator is reading articles to the audience.  
Writing mechanics
APA format throughout, no misspelled words or grammatical errors. APA format, no more than one misspelled word or grammatical error. May start to flow as a paper, no more than two misspelled words or grammatical errors. Poorly written, doesn’t flow as one paper, misspelled words, grammatical errors.  

Note: Criteria are evaluated on a 4-3-2-1-0 basis. Total rubric points are converted first to a letter grade and then to a numerical equivalent based on a 0–100 scale: 19–20 = A (93–100); 18 = A– (90–92); 17 = B+ (88–89); 14–16 = B (83–87); 13 = B– (80–82); 12 = C+ (78–79); 9–11 = C (73–77); 8 = C– (70–72); 4–7 = D (60–69); 0–3 = F (below 60).