Rubric for Module Paper



A-level qualities


B-level qualities


C-level qualities


F-level qualities
(below 70)


Content and Completeness

Content is clear and very effectively presented; complete in all respects; reflects all requirements Content is adequately presented and appropriate; complete in most respects; reflects most requirements Content is unclear on only peripherally related to the assignment; incomplete in many respects; reflects few requirements Incomplete in most respects; does not reflect requirements  

Application of Concepts

Applies course concepts in a sophisticated manner and goes beyond the assignment Applies course concepts in an effective manner as assigned Applies course concepts imperfectly but makes an attempt Does not apply course concepts or does so completely inadequately  

Documentation and Additional Sources

Contains well-documented statements and appropriate references to other sources of information; number of additional sources exceeds requirements Contains adequately documented statements and the required number of references to other sources of information Contains limited support for statements and references to other sources of information are inadequate Fails to include documentation or references to other sources of information  

Writing mechanics

Writing demonstrates a sophisticated clarity, conciseness, and correctness Writing is accomplished in terms of clarity and conciseness and contains only a few errors Writing lacks clarity or conciseness and contains numerous errors Writing is unfocused, rambling, or contains serious errors  



Note: Criteria are evaluated on a 4-3-2-1-0 basis. Total rubric points are converted first to a letter grade and then to a numerical equivalent based on a 0–100 scale: 16 = A (93–100); 15 = A– (90–92); 14 = B+ (88–89); 12– 13 = B (83–87); 11 = B– (80–82); 10 = C+ (78–79); 8–9 = C (73–77); 7 = C– (70–72); 3–6 = D (60–69); 0–2 = F (below 60).