Rubric for Reflection Papers



A-level qualities


B-level qualities


C-level qualities

1 or 0

D- or F-level qualities
(60–69 or below 60)


Complete in all respects and contains required information Complete in most respects Lacking in some respects Extremely lacking in most respects  
Understanding of topic
Demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the topic Demonstrates an accomplished understanding of the topic Demonstrates an acceptable understanding of the required topic Demonstrates an inadequate understanding of the required material  
Contains well-documented statements Contains adequately documented statements Contains limited support for statements Contains no documentation  
Fulfillment of requirements
Reflects all requirements Reflects most of the requirements Reflects few of the requirements Does not reflect the requirements  
Use of APA format
Uses APA format accurately and consistently Uses APA format with minor violations Reflects incomplete knowledge of APA format Does not use APA format  

Note: Criteria are evaluated on a 4-3-2-1-0 basis. Total rubric points are converted first to a letter grade and then to a numerical equivalent based on a 0–100 scale: 19–20 = A (93–100); 18 = A– (90–92); 17 = B+ (88–89); 14–16 = B (83–87); 13 = B– (80–82); 12 = C+ (78–79); 9–11 = C (73–77); 8 = C– (70–72); 4–7 = D (60–69); 0–3 = F (below 60).